Nov. 1st, 2011


Nov. 1st, 2011 12:31 am
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Hi, emacsers!

I just joined on the quasi-invite of [personal profile] vlion. I had mentioned doing some stuff in elisp and they asked "Are you a member of the emacs community on dw?" and then I came to check it out.

Having recently switched back to Linux as a full-time development environment from OS X (don't ask), I was back to using Emacs for writing software, and found out how much I have missed it. (Was using Textmate on the Mac).

There was one feature that Textmate did really well, that stock Emacs only does partially well: snippet insertion and customizing. I found a snippet tool, called yasnippet that pretty much emulates the feature from Textmate, so much so that you can convert and import your Textmate snippets into yasnippet.

Now I feel right at home again in Emacs and am enjoying myself so much!
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What with having been a "roving unix sysadmin" frequently being deployed to customer sites for troubleshooting, I have found myself knowing enough vi to confuse my fingers.

To that end, I have a small piece of code in my .emacs to take care of most beeps. I hope other in the same situation might find it useful.

(setq wq "Emacs, not vi!")

That ensures that ESC : w q RET gives a useful message rather than beeps.


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